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My StokerCon Experience

I spent this last weekend at StokerCon, a convention organized by the Horror Writers Association, held on The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.


The convention was very much focused on writers, with daily workshops, panels, discussions, and even pitch sessions for horror writers. I, however, went as a volunteer, meaning I was coordinating the Dealer’s Room (where the vendors set up tables).

Highlights of the Weekend:

– OF COURSE, getting to meet the one and only George R.R. Martin himself.


I was fortunate enough to be roped into serving as the Kevin Costner to his Whitney Houston. Thankfully, there was no need for me to dive in front of a bullet or throw any screaming fans overboard. However, I had the chance to take a private tour of The Queen Mary with him and a few other guests.


– I also got the chance to talk to Chuck Wendig, creator behind the Terrible Minds blog, the latest Star Wars novels, and more. I made the foolish mistake of thinking he was Max Brooks, the author of the Zombie Survival Guide. Thankfully, he’s a cool guy who only hated me A LITTLE for that. Hehe.

My fellow San Diego HWA members also joined in on the fun.


I spent most of the three days I attended on call around the Dealer’s Room, available if something needed to be moved (people seem to think I’m good at that). It was nice to interact with other writers, listen in on a few discussions, and even get a bit of writing work done. Bonus: I got to set up and sell a few books.


All in all, one heck of a weekend! Major props to Kevin Wetmore, Kate Jonez, Lisa Morton, and all the other amazing Horror Writers Association people for making it a whole lot of fun.




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  1. That sounds like so much fun!

    • It really was! Definitely want to go back again, though next year it’s in Rhode Island so probably the next time it comes back to the West Coast.

  2. Of course people think you’re good at moving stuff. Aren’t you like Harry Dresden tall? lol Glad you had a blast!

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