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I’m Baaack!

In case any of you noticed that I wasn’t online much over the last week, it was because I wasn’t online much in the last week!

I spent the last week visiting New York City, a birthday present from my beautiful girlfriend and my less-beautiful brothers. We had an impromptu reunion of sorts, as is our yearly tradition.

I’d have to say that it was a pretty epic experience! Here are some of the things I did on my trip:

Saw the Statue of Liberty

Rode the Staten Island Ferry

Walked through Times Square

Took in two Broadway plays (thanks to my brothers for that one!)

Stood outside a Broadway theater in the freezing cold to get Bradley Cooper’s autograph for my daughter

Ate New York-style and Chicago-style pizza

Had brunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Tried the best fast-food burgers in the U.S. at Five Guys

Walked through Central Park during the day and the night

Strolled the High Line in the freezing wind

Visited Chelsea Market

Took in a comedy show at the Comedy Cellar

Watched Buddy Guy in concert

Rocked out to live Jazz

All in all, it was a truly eventful week. And I’m so glad to be home!

I can only handle so much excitement in my life, so this trip has filled my “action” quotient for the next few months, so it’s wonderful to be sitting down at my desk, sleeping in my bed, and being in the comfort of my own home again.

It also means that I can get back to the very exciting work of preparing The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer for publishing. A quick update: I just got the book back from the editor, meaning I start work on the final draft today and hope to be finished before the holiday season. By the time the New Year dawns, I should have the book ready for all of my advanced readers and reviewers. I will work on publishing, publicity, marketing, and all that other stuff that goes into launching a book.

If all goes well, the launch date of the book will be March 3rd, 2015. It’s so exciting!


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  1. Vicki

    Which do you like best, Chicago pizza or New York, and what’s the difference?

    • New York-style has a thin crust, oily cheese, and a slightly sweeter tomato sauce.
      Chicago-style is almost like a pizza–a thick crust with high edges, less cheese, and a tangier sauce.

      I liked the thin NYC style crust better!

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