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How Crazy Are You?

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” —Anonymous

I’m willing to label myself at least 50% crazy. I may not be world-changing-level crazy, but I’m crazy enough to believe that I can do something as impossibly difficult as succeeding as an author.

Here’s something you might not have known:

J.K. Rowling had difficulty getting published. Finally, Bloomsburry Press agreed to publish it but only published 500 copies. They also requested she use initials so she wouldn’t be recognized as a female writer. She has no middle name, so she chose the letter K for Kathleen. Source: WCL

If J.K. Rowling, currently the world’s wealthiest author, had a hard time getting the Harry Potter books published, imagine how hard it is for people whose books don’t match up to those standards. That’s easily 99% of ALL books.


Yes, being a writer is truly a “crazy” dream. And yet, if we can be crazy enough to think we can change the world–even if it’s just our own small little world–there’s a real chance we can do it. It takes a severe form of insanity (tinged with a hint of egotism) to believe that the words we have to say are worth reading, but the truth is that most authors have succeeded because they clung to that delusion and refused to let go. Even after years or decades of rejection, they gripped that madness with insane tenacity, and that paid off. Or didn’t, in the case of so many authors you’ve never heard of because they quit.

How crazy are you? Are you crazy enough to hold onto your insane dream and refuse to let it go? It takes a strength borne of insanity to keep going when everything is stacked against you. But heck, that’s what makes the success all the more rewarding!


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  1. Ani

    It’s a better insanity that the other insane things that are going on the world! At least by sharing our stories and ourselves as we promote our works, we have a chance to influence the world by impacting one person at a time. Any interaction we have with another human being causes a change, even if it’s only a small, passing by thought. They, in turn, change whoever the interact with. It’s the ripple effect.

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