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Get in on the Ultimate Horror Book & Prize Giveaway!

Do you love a good horror novel? Are you a huge fan of Stephen King (aren’t we all?), H.P. Lovecraft, or Thomas Harris? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

This month (October), I’m participating in a massive book and prize giveaway. The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer is among the 25 ebooks being given away, along with 5 classic horror books with their matching Funko Pop characters. The prize package includes books from Stephen King, William Peter Blatty, H.P. Lovecraft, and Thomas Harris.

Considering that this is Halloween month, it seems only too appropriate, right?


The contest ends October 30th and winners will be announced on Halloween! Enter here for a chance to get your hands on this awesome bundle of book goodies. If you’re a horror/dark fantasy fan (like me), you won’t want to miss this.

Some of the e-books included:

That Which Should Not Be by Brett J. Talley

Miskatonic University has a long-whispered reputation of being strongly connected to all things occult and supernatural. From the faculty to the students, the fascination with other-worldly legends and objects runs rampant. So, when Carter Weston’s professor Dr. Thayerson asks him to search a nearby village for a book that is believed to control the inhuman forces that rule the Earth, Incendium Maleficarum, The Inferno of the Witch, the student doesn’t hesitate to begin the quest.


Weston’s journey takes an unexpected turn, however, when he ventures into a tavern in the small town of Anchorhead. Rather than passing the evening as a solitary patron, Weston joins four men who regale him with stories of their personal experiences with forces both preternatural and damned. Two stories hit close to home as they tie the tellers directly to Weston’s current mission.

His unanticipated role as passive listener proves fortuitous, and Weston fulfills his goal. Bringing the book back to Miskatonic, though, proves to be a grave mistake. Quickly, Weston realizes he has played a role in potentially opening the gate between the netherworld and the world of Man. Reversing the course of events means forgetting all he thought he knew about Miskatonic and his professor and embracing an unknown beyond his wildest imagination.

See it on Amazon

Gideon: A Novel by Alex Gordon

When Lauren’s father dies, she makes a shocking discovery. The man she knew as John Reardon was once a completely different person, with a different name. Now, she’s determined to find out who he really was, even though her only clues are an old photograph, some letters, and the name of a town—Gideon.


But someone—or something—doesn’t want her to discover the truth. A strange man is stalking her, appearing everywhere she turns, and those who try to help her end up dead. Neither a shadowy enemy nor her own fear are going to prevent her from solving the mystery of her father—and unlocking the secrets of her own life.

Making her way to Gideon, Lauren finds herself more confused than ever. Nothing in this small Midwestern town is what it seems, including time itself. Residents start going missing, and Lauren is threatened by almost every townsperson she encounters. Two hundred years ago, a witch was burned at the stake, but in Gideon, the past feels all too chillingly present.

See it on Amazon

The Lost Reflection by Bruce T. Jones

Brian Denman is an ex CIA agent and mercenary turned private investigator who arrives in New Orleans to probe a centuries old myth. It illuminates a modern labyrinth of adventure love and vampires, culminating in an epic battle of destiny and revenge.


See it on Amazon


And a whole lot more! You know you want in…

Click here to join the fun

Bucelarii 2 Small

The Results are In…

This weekend was A BLAST!

Not only did I get to spend three solid days partying at the Book Launch Party (on Facebook), but I got some very real, very tangible results for my books. And it’s thanks to all of you!

First up, I ran a few promotions for The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyerusing Book Pup, The Fussy Librarian, and a couple other smaller sites. The results were pretty epic: around 2,500-3,000 ebook downloads, and then there was this:


#2 in Dark Fantasy, and so high in the Kindle Store overall: AWESOME!

Book 1 2016 Launch Rankings

Bonus: The rank for Book 1 hasn’t dropped too far since the promo ended on Sunday. That means people are still buying the book. Exciting!

For The Last Bucelarii (Book 2): Lament of the Fallen, I didn’t do a whole lot in the way of marketing. I had perhaps 15 to 20 guest posts, podcast interviews, author interviews, and promo posts, but that was it. No paid marketing campaigns, no big book blasts.

All things considered, the results here were pretty awesome:

Book 2 Launch Rankings

Made it all the way to #6 in Hot New Releases for Gothic Fiction

Bonus: Once again, the book still has a pretty decent ranking, so there are still a few sales trickling in since the weekend.


I’m excited to see how things continue from here, and definitely researching what to do now that I have two books: i.e., how to use them to promote more effectively. But I wanted to take this time to post and say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Book Launch weekend in some way. The list of people is far too long to name, but to all the authors, PAs, readers, friends, family, and random awesome people I met:





Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Brandon Sanderson’s Lectures

If you want to improve your creative writing, the best way to do so is to learn from others. Especially if those others are best-selling authors considered by most to be the masters of their craft.

Brandon Sanderson is an author that I greatly respect, and I (and many others) consider him the “gold standard” when it comes to fantasy writing. Not just the structure of his sentences, but world-building, character development, and most important of all, magic systems!

(Come back next week to find out about the Three Laws of Magic…)

Most fantasy readers will be familiar with the name (if you’re not, go Google him and you’ll see how many top-rated books he’s put out), but they may not be familiar with his series of lectures.

A few years ago (prior to 2010, I believe), he gave a series of lectures on the craft of writing. They were all EXCELLENT, but the video quality was iffy at best. However, in 2015, he recorded another series of lectures and posted them all to YouTube.

Find them here…

It’s a simple 8-video series, but each of the videos is about an hour long. They delve into every element of crafting excellent novels (not just fantasy, though fantasy is the focus).

This includes elements like:

  • World-building
  • Magic systems
  • Character development
  • The business of writing
  • and more…

I myself have not yet listened to the lectures (it’s on my to-do list, I PROMISE!!!), but I listened to his previous series and know for a fact that they were truly amazing. For any writers who want to excel at their craft, they are an amazing (and totally free) creative writing resource you would do well to take advantage of. They are 100% worth a few hours of your life!


Bucelarii 2 Small

The Big Day is Finally Here!

It’s the happiest day of the year–like Christmas, my birthday, and Valentine’s Day rolled into one.

That’s right, it’s BOOK LAUNCH DAY!!!

Apologies for the exclamation mark overuse, but that’s just how excited I am. After more than a year of hard work and patiently waiting, The Last Bucelarii (Book 2): Lament of the Fallen is finally here.

Click Here to See it on Amazon

Look at this gorgeous cover, courtesy of the amazing Marie Story.

Bucelarii 2 Small

Here are a few early reviews:

“Lament of the Fallen is an excellent follow-up to Blade of the Destroyer. The Hunter’s struggle with his demonic nature and the need of the blade are powerful. He doesn’t want to kill, but the world is not so kind to him. Bandits, a cabal of Mages, assassins, and more plague him as he struggles to understand his place in the world and defy his heritage and purpose. He might be destined to help bring back the Destroyer and end the world, but can he defy it?

Peloquin creates an interesting world with fascinating characters and dark setting. The journey of the Hunter is fascinating as he goes from assassin to hero. As he learns whether he is an evil man or if he can choose to be good as he struggles with his “addiction” to murder. The need burning inside him, always eating at his self-control, demanding he stop showing mercy. He stop showing compassion.” — RJ Reviews

“The complexity of the Hunter’s personality blossoms in this book. He has always seen himself as a loner, as all assassins must be. But he discovered at the end of the last story that he really needs people. The double fear – that his friends are a danger to him, but he is much more a danger to them – lays another layer of suspense on the external violence and internal struggle of the novel.

As with the rest of the series, all the settings and deeds are described in beautiful (and horrible) detail of sight, sound, and odour. Secondary characters are more rounded and individual than before, because they matter to the main character. Especially wonderful is Bardin, the beggar/scholar/madman, where Peloquin achieves the difficult task of creating an insane character who acts according to expectations.” — Gordon A. Long

And here’s a taste of what’s inside:

A rough hand shook the Hunter from sleep. Instinct kicked in. Seizing his assailant, he pressed his sword to the man’s throat.

Visibos’s eyes flew wide and he held up his hands. “Easy, Hardwell. Just waking you for your turn at watch.”

The Hunter nodded and lowered the sword.

Visibos shook his head. Rubbing red-rimmed eyes, he stumbled toward his blankets with a yawn. Within seconds, the low rumble of his snores floated around the campsite.

Darkness hung on the campsite like a thick blanket. Only glowing embers remained of the fire, but the Hunter made no effort to rebuild it. He preferred shadow. Unseen, he could watch both the forest and his new traveling companions.

He filled his lungs with the fresh, clean night air and rolled his neck and shoulders to work out the kinks of sleeping on the forest floor. His blankets, while thick and warm, provided little cushion against the hardness of the earth beneath him.

Slinging his baldric over his shoulder, he buckled on his sword. A quick inspection of his saddlebags revealed nothing out of place. He ran a hand across the smooth surface of the iron-lined box. Soulhunger’s voice pounded in his mind, pleading to feed. A twinge of pain settled behind his eyes.

The Hunter savored the scents of the forest around him. The smoke from their dying campfire hung heavy in the air, and beneath it, he smelled muted hints of plant and animal life. A cool breeze rolled past, carrying with it the scent of decaying leaves, pine sap, and a sweet-scented flower he couldn’t identify.

The Hunter wrapped his cloak tighter about himself as the chill of the early morning wind sent a shiver down his spine. The crook of a large tree offered him a comfortable place to sit his watch, as well as protection from the occasional gust. He leaned against the thick trunk, curling his legs to his chest. The shrouds of his dark cloak hid him from his companions, and he was all but invisible beneath the forest canopy.

His eyes roamed over the sleeping forms of his traveling companions. Only the red tresses of Sir Danna’s hair were visible, her thick bedroll swaddling the rest of her in a snug bundle. Loud snores rose from the lump he knew to be Visibos.

‘Kill them!’

The demon’s intensity startled the Hunter. The creature filled his mind with images of Soulhunger drinking deep of the knight’s heart-blood. His sword sliced into Visibos’ neck, spraying crimson.

No! The Hunter shook his head, endeavoring to shake loose the gory thoughts. His fingers traced the scar on his chest.  I will not harm them.

‘Leave them alive, and they will discover your lie. You are no more Hardwell of Praamis than you are Danther the tailor or Lord Anglion the Foolish.’

Rubbing his eyes, the Hunter tried to calm the pounding in his head.

How could they know? They have no way to uncover the truth. No, they are no threat to me.

‘Foolish Bucelarii! How little you know. The humans you protect will be your undoing.’

The Hunter closed his eyes, massaging his temples.

Why will you not leave me alone?

He was so tired of hearing that voice in his head. He wanted freedom from that voice. He needed peace.

‘You know what you must do.’


VERY IMPORTANT: If you buy the eBook version at any time this weekend, you are eligible to participate in my Raffle. You could win one of the THREE signed paperbacks, as well as any of the 100+ eBooks donated by my author friends.

Click Here to See What You Could Win and How

Thank you so much! I hope to see you at my Book Launch Party–we’re going to have one heck of a fun time!

guy cover ideas_final

Duel to the Death: Talorc

I, Andy Peloquin, challenge you, Guy Donovan, to a duel to the death! But it is not we who will fight, but our characters…

In the black corner, weighing in at 180 pounds, standing a cool 6 feet tall, the Hunter of Voramis!

Bucelarii 2 Small

Tale of the Tape:

  • Superhuman reflexes, strength, speed–think Captain America, but stronger
  • Thousands of years of weapons training
  • Body has accelerated healing factor–can survive a sword to the heart (can be killed by drowning, iron weapons, beheading, and suffocation)
  • Cannot be killed by anything but iron
  • Accursed dagger that heals him when he kills
  • No magical abilities whatsoever
  • No hesitation to kill if he perceives opponent as a threat/obstacle to his desires–classic anti-hero

In the red and gold corner, we have Talorc the dragon!

guy cover ideas_final

Tale of the Tape:

  • Flies
  • Breathes flame (provided by chewing volcanic rocks infused with white phosphorus)
  • Claws (though technically he’s a wyvern, meaning two wings and two legs in the back) and a barbed tail
  • Lots and lots of teeth

Two enter the ring, only one can leave alive!

How would Talorc kill the Hunter? He can make multiple passes in the air, blasting him with his white phosphorus flame. On the off chance that he’s not able to fly, he’s still got teeth, claws, a barbed tail, and sheer size going for him.

To kill Talorc: The Hunter would try to overwhelm him with his inhuman speed, strength, and skill. All he has to do is pierce the dragon’s skin with Soulhunger, and the dagger will consume his soul. Not even someone with considerable magical abilities can survive Soulhunger’s bite–it was created to kill demons.

Who would win?

Over Talorc’s short life, he has fought and defeated more humans than he can count. He dominates the sky, flying overhead and raining down an inferno to scorch any pitiful human to the bone.

But the Hunter is no puny human. He is Bucelarii, descendant of demons. Though he has never faced such a fearsome creature, he has learned to adapt to any threat. His inhuman speed keeps him out of the path of Talorc’s fire, and decades spent as an assassin has taught him to cling to the shadows. If Talorc cannot find him, he cannot burn him alive.

The Hunter waits until the right moment, when Talorc is near the ground, within reach. He springs on the dragon’s back, and with every ounce of his half-demon strength, drives Soulhunger through Talorc’s thick hide. Soulhunger tastes blood, and the dragon shrieks as its soul is consumed. Its death struggles last far longer than any of the Hunter’s previous victims.

Winner: The Hunter. May the Watcher have mercy on the dragon; its soul is forfeit.


Want to find out more about this fearsome creature who would dare challenge the legendary assassin of Voramis to the death? Click here to read about the mighty Talorc…


Who do YOU think would win? Did we get the match-up right? Leave a comment below and let me know…


Want to match your character against the Hunter? Click here to enter your protagonist/antagonist in a duel to the death!


Bucelarii 2 Small

It’s Not Long Now…

Just a few short weeks to go until the official launch of The Last Bucelarii (Book 2): Lament of the Fallen, and I can barely contain my excitement! We’re going to have one heck of a killer launch party–hope to see you there.

Don’t forget to hit “Going” to the Facebook Event:

We’re going to have a blast, with takeovers from 30+ authors from all genres, games, prizes, competitions, and so much more.

Speaking of competitions: want to win a signed paperback of Lament of the Fallen?

It’s easy! All you have to do is invite people to the party (link above), and you’re in the running. Every 10 guests invited = 1 entry to win one of the two signed paperbacks I’ll be raffling off first thing in the morning August 19th.

Go here to find out everything you need to know…

Have a wonderful Friday!

Bucelarii 2 Small

Join Me for an Epic Occasion: Brand New Book Launch

It’s my favorite time of the year: BOOK LAUNCH!!!!

Sorry for the overuse of exclamation marks, but that’s how excited I am.

Almost one year to the day since the release of The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer, comes the epic continuation of the Hunter’s dark, twisted story:

Bucelarii 2 Small

Isn’t that just gorgeous? Kudos to the awesome Marie Story for producing something so amazing!

The book is set to release on August 19th, and I’ve got a big Facebook Party going for the weekend of Aug 19-21. We’re going to have:

  • Takeovers by 30+ amazing authors from all genres
  • Games, challenges, and competitions
  • AMAZING prizes, including signed paperbacks, e-books, and other swag
  • Virtual discussions on epic topics
  • and so much more…

Pop on over to this Facebook Link and click “Join” if you haven’t already:

The event is open to the public, so you and all your friends are welcome.

Sneaky Secret: Invite friends, and you have a chance of winning 1 of the 2 signed paperbacks I’m giving away. Click on THIS LINK to find out what you need to do…

It’s just less than a month away, but it’s going to be a blast. Join me in celebrating the accomplishment of all my hard work, and find out what happens next to the half-demon assassin known only as the Hunter of Voramis…


In With the New!

Welcome to my brand new website!

It’s been over two years since my first post, and it felt like the right time for an upgrade. Don’t worry: the content is still the same. The only thing that has changed is the look and feel of the site.

Take a few minutes to click on the various buttons, scroll down, and get acquainted with the new site. Drop a comment below and tell me what you think of the fresh look…


Featured Image Source: Flickr


A Few Funny Quotes to Brighten Up Your Day

Today, I find myself in need of something to make me smile. It’s been a rough week, so it’s time to laugh a bit. Thankfully, the internet is filled with funny quotes to drive away my Friday Blues (not really a thing, so sue me!).

Here are a few that made me chuckle:

We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know. — W. H. Auden

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party. — Ron White

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. — Isaac Asimov

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. — Don Marquis

My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them. — Mitch Hedberg

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m schizophrenic, and so am I. — Oscar Levant

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity. — Albert Einstein

Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing. — Robert Benchley

Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone. — Anthony Burgess

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it. — Terry Pratchett

Children are smarter than any of us. Know how I know that? I don’t know one child with a full time job and children. — Bill Hicks

If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days. — Robin Williams

Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we’ll find it. — Sam Levenson

I knew I was an unwanted baby when I saw that my bath toys were a toaster and a radio. — Joan Rivers

Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter. — James A. Garfield
The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun. — P. G. Wodehouse


Courtesy of Brainy Quote

Kim Cormack's Image1

A Celebration of Authors Blog Hop Hunt Post

Hi I’m Andy Peloquin, author of The Last Bucelarii (Book 1): Blade of the Destroyer, and I’m your host for this stop in the tour.

I am pleased to be hosting KIM CORMACK, an amazing fantasy author. Somewhere in her post, you’ll find a number (not in written text, but a numeral). Write it down and collect them all as you visit every post along the way. Good luck!


Let There Be Dragons

Book 1: “Sweet Sleep.”

What would you do if you discovered that everything you’ve ever known to be your reality was a lie?

What if…

The things that go bump in the night, things you thought were simply a figment of your wild imagination are in fact very real?

Would you live your life differently if you knew you were going to be corrected…erased from this world sometime around your sixteenth birthday?

Kim Cormack's Image

You and your twin sister were never meant to be born.

There will be no place to run… No place to hide… You won’t even know they’re coming… Do you have what it takes to survive your Correction? Do you have what it takes to leave your humanity behind? If your answer is yes then hold on tight…

Buy it on Amazon

Book 2: “Enlightenment.”

Kayn lost everything and everyone she loved in a brutal attack on her family. Kayn is now an Ankh; Kevin is a Triad, her enemy, with all memory of Kayn wiped from his mind. Can his love for her survive? Will she be able to find the strength to stand against him when the time comes?

Ankh must assimilate and train its 11 new members. At least Kayn is not alone as the only newbie. They’ve lost just as much as she. It’s part of the deal…the family never survives. Bonding with their new clan and forgetting the past is critical.

Kayn must learn to fight. She must learn to do impossible things, and make choices that leave a dent in her soul and an ache in her heart. The mortal version of right and wrong is now irrelevant.

Her twin, Chloe, while dead, still feels part of her. Will Chloe be able to take over Kayn’s body? Frost keeps watching her, waiting. She feels a pull to Frost, but is it real or a Chloe memory? She longs for Kevin, but her twin’s attachment to Frost is causing her emotional conflict.

Can Kevin’s and her love survive? Will Kevin remember her?

The Testing is coming. Kayn must learn to fight and die, and stand back up to fight and die again to get through The Testing. Will she survive and what will she become? Is her destiny set? Will she find enlightenment?

This is not a fairytale. This is a nightmare.

Buy it on Amazon

Kim Cormack's Image1

Book Three coming February 2016


Side Series: “Wild Thing.”

After a dark past, a teenage girl comes back from the dead and becomes a hitman for a clan of immortals.

After many years lost in places void of humanity, Grey found her. He introduced her to a partially immortal family. She’d been saved in so many ways by the Ankh. They were the family that she had always been destined to find. They would teach her to embrace the dragon that resided within her. She would learn that both the dark side of her spirit and light were equally important. Lexy of Ankh was a weapon, unmatched by any member of the other clans. She would fight for all that is good even though most of time her heart remained lost in the darkness. Greydon tried to be her handler, but Lexy of Ankh was meant to be a WILD THING.

Buy it on Amazon


Scavenger Hunt Hint:

The number for your clue will not be written in text, but it will be numeral. Write down all the numbers you find during the hunt and tally them together. This final number will be an entry in the Rafflecopter on the ENTER HERE page on the official website.

If you get stuck along the way because you of a broken link, please visit the AUTHORS LINK page

Did you find the number? If you did, then click this author’s link ( to continue the Scavenger Hunt.



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