Here is where I have been on the Blade of the Destroyer Blog Tour:

Part 1:

Scribbler on a Roof: Book Review by Emmerson Greene

The Inner Thoughts of Rosie Bates: Author Interview with Rosie Bates

Eve’s Folly YouTube Channel: Ridiculously Hilarious vlog by EJ Bouinatchova

EJ’s Writing: Book Review by EJ Bouinatchova

Xanoxixa Territory: Book Review/Author Interview with “The Dragon Queen”

Deborah Jay: Release Info 

JG Christiansen: Brilliant Book Review by Jesse G. Christiansen

Fiona Skye: Excellent Review by Fiona Skye

Murder Lab: Guest Post “How 200 People Agreed to Help Me With My Book Launch”

A Simple Taste for Reading: Book Review and Author Interview

Jesse Magnan: Book Review by the Deranged Scientist

Britbear’s Book Reviews: Review by Elise Abram

The Literary Lawyer: Book Review by Tim Meloche

Renaissance Writer: Author Interview with Gordon Long

The Storm Below: Book Review by JMD Reid

Dark Fiction Author: In-Depth Book Review by Conrad Zero

Michelle Dalson: Author Interview with Michelle Dalson

Sensical Prattlings: Thoughts by Scott Essel Pratt

Cheryl Kaye Tardif: Author Interview 

Kat Flannery: Guest Post on “Why Do I Write?”

Christina the Bookworm: Author Interview with Christina Munson

Julie’s Book Reviews: Guest Post “The Importance of Realism in Fantasy”

Once Upon a Book Blog: Book Review by Amy Bosica

Garrison’s Library: Author Interview with Garrison Haines-Temons

Nerd Girl Official: Indy Author Talk 

Part 2

A Writer’s Tale: Author Interview with Scarlett Van Djik

Armand Rosamilia: Guest Post “Why Do We Love Horror?”

Deborah Jay: Excellent Book Review by Deborah Jay

The Dark Phantom: Guest Post “Why a Writing Schedule ABSOLUTELY Matters”

Zirev: Brilliant Author Interview with Liezl Ruiz

Into Another World: Author Interview with Susan Leigh Noble

The Cult of Me: Guest Post “The Importance of a GOOD Bad Guy”

A Novel Reality: Guest Post “Does a Writing Schedule Matter?”

BodyRock: 10 Ways to Beat the Back to Work Blues

Chasity Nictole 720: Epic Book Review by Chasity Nicole and Author Interview

Sapphyria’s Book Reviews: 20 Fun Facts About Me and Brilliant Book Review

Reader’s Favorite: Great Book Review

Katy’s Words: Guest Post “Why Research Matters for Fiction”

Erindor Press: Guest Post “Why Writers Cannot be Anti-Social:”

Britbear’s Book Reviews: Guest Post “What the Heck is Grimdark/Dark Fantasy?”

Faveable: 10 Great Fantasy Books to Beat the Back to Work Blues

Authors Interviews: Interview with Fiona McVie

Part 3

R.J. Davies Mornix: Book Review by Rhonda Davies Mornix

Thoughtful Minds United: Guest Post “Digging Deeper Into a Character’s Flaws”

The Bone Breaker: Brilliant Book Review by Jason Berry

Creativity Hacker: Blade of the Destroyer Sliced and Diced!

Cover 2 Cover: 5-Star Book Review and Author Interview

Bookmark Bound: Author Interview with Patrick Osborne

Slap Happy Fun Time: Author Interview with Michael Noe

The Reading Head: Meet the Author (Me)

Highland Rogue Writing: Book Review by Rob McCandless

Old Dog New Tricks: Author Spotlight with Steve DeWinter