In preparation for the launch of Blade of the Destroyer, I’ve set up a blog tour. Basically, this means author interviews, book reviews, and guest posts on blogs all around the internet. Here’s where I have been so far:

Scribbler on a Roof: Book Review by Emmerson Greene

The Inner Thoughts of Rosie Bates: Author Interview with Rosie Bates

Eve’s Folly YouTube Channel: Ridiculously Hilarious vlog by EJ Bouinatchova (you definitely want to check out this one!)

EJ’s Writing: Book Review by EJ Bouinatchova

Xanoxixa Territory: Book Review/Author Interview with “The Dragon Queen”

JG Christiansen: Brilliant Book Review by Jesse G. Christiansen

Fiona Skye: Excellent Review by Fiona Skye

Murder Lab: Guest Post “How 200 People Agreed to Help Me With My Book Launch”

A Simple Taste for Reading: Book Review and Author Interview

Jesse Magnan: Book Review by the Deranged Scientist

Britbear’s Book Reviews: Review by Elise Abram

The Literary Lawyer: Book Review by Tim Meloche

Renaissance Writer: Author Interview with Gordon Long

The Storm Below: Book Review by JMD Reid

Dark Fiction Author: In-Depth Book Review by Conrad Zero

Michelle Dalson: Author Interview with Michelle Dalson

Sensical Prattlings: Thoughts by Scott Essel Pratt

Cheryl Kaye Tardif: Author Interview 

Kat Flannery: Guest Post on “Why Do I Write?”

Christina the Bookworm: Author Interview with Christina Munson

Julie’s Book Reviews: Guest Post “The Importance of Realism in Fantasy”

Once Upon a Book Blog: Book Review by Amy Bosica

Garrison’s Library: Author Interview with Garrison Haines-Temons

Nerd Girl OfficialIndy Author Talk “A Sense of Home” (another VERY good one to read)


More linky love coming in Part 2 (in a few weeks…)