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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: YouTube

When it comes time for some creative writing, the FIRST page I’ll open is YouTube. Why is that? The music, of course!

Music plays a very important role in my (and most authors’) writing process. The music I listen to often sets the tone for the scenes I’m writing, but it also helps me to get into the emotional headspace of my characters to make sure those scenes are just right.

No other site can offer the broad spectrum of music that YouTube has. Spotify, Pandora, and all of the other internet radio/music sites have a lot of quality tunes, but none of them can compete with the second largest search engine in the world. Whether you listen to classical music, death metal, Indie rock, K-pop, or Indian sitar music, you’ll find that YouTube has it all.

I’ve been using YouTube for music for years, and I’ve created playlists for every activity.

For example, when I write fiction, I’ve got my “Comic Book Songs” playlist:

Or, when I need to chill, I’ve got the tunes on my “Relax” playlist:

On those days when I need a pick-me-up, I’ll turn on “Happy Work Songs”:

With YouTube, there’s none of those ads you often get from internet radio stations, and it’s all for free. It may take a while for songs to be uploaded to YouTube, so it’s not always possible to find the latest releases. However, you’ll find a lot of music there that isn’t available anywhere else. YouTube is a tool I use DAILY in my writing.


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  1. ELF

    What an interesting concept, it would never have occurred to me to look for music on YouTube–I generally am not patient enough to watch videos, so I don’t wander around there very often. I will have to contemplate this as a resource, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. This is a good tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.

    Simple but very accurate informationā€¦ Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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