If you’re looking for amazing resources for creative writing, Writers Helping Writers is the site for you!

The site is created by writers of all ages, genres, and levels of experience, with guest posts by just about anyone and everyone who has something useful to share (I’ve contributed two myself). The posts touch on a staggeringly wide range of topics, but they can help you to better yourself as a writer.

The site offers excellent value, with articles on everything from motivational topics to self-publishing to finding agents to marketing to handling rejection to editing tips to the business of writing. It literally covers EVERY aspect of writing you could want to know about!

The creators of the site are also the minds behind the Emotion Thesaurus, a guide to help writers figure out the physical, non-verbal, and subconscious cues, actions, and reactions behind every emotion. It’s a VERY handy guide, one I’ve used dozens of times.

If you want to improve your writing, it’s worth spending hours scrolling through the blog posts on Writers Helping Writers. There’s so much advice that will make you better!