Over the past year, I’ve been sharing the lessons I’ve learned from creative writing and copywriting. While the lessons keep coming, I feel it’s time for something new.

I learn and grow in my journey as a writer and author every day! Interacting with other authors, reading new and old books, doing research, posting my work for critique, and story writing has taught me so much, and I’ve found such an amazing wealth of resources. I want to share those writing resources with you, with the hope that you will find them as helpful and useful as I have.

To kick off this weekly series (posted every Monday with new writing tips and resources), I’m going to share a few pictures I keep on my desktop. These simple images have been immensely helpful in my writing, and I’m sure they’ll help you too!

Verb CheatSheet “Walks”

For those who are tired of writing “Bob walked” all over the place, this is a great cheat-sheet to help you get more creative with such a simple action:


Verb CheatSheet “Looks”

Your characters shouldn’t just “look” or “see”, but the action should show a little bit more about how they think or perceive the thing they’re looking at:


Emotion Wheel

If you’re struggling to deepen the emotional range of your characters, this is an incredibly handy tool to have:


Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Pixar has produced some of the best, most entertaining animations ever, and their stories are usually complex, layered, and well-written. Their rules of storytelling will help you do the same!


Body Language

Wondering how to “show” instead of “tell” how your character is feeling? This will come in very handy:


Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories

Kurt Vonnegut was one of the great American authors of the 20th century, and his works are classics of literary fiction. When he says “this is how to write a story”, you take note!


Writing with Clarity

It’s hard to know how to find the right word, but this image will help you out:



All of these writing resources and writing tips will help you in your creative writing and story writing. Download them, keep them handy, and use them DAILY!