How many times have you sat down to get some creative writing done and found yourself staring at a blank screen? If you’re anything like me, it’s been more than once!

It can be tough to get started, especially if you’re starting a new story or book. Thankfully, I’ve found a resource that can help streamline the process. That’s right, I’m talking about story starts.

The Story Starter is one of my favorite sites to use when I want random ideas on how to start a story, or when trying to come up with a new storyline. Simply visit the site, click “Generate Idea”, and the site will come up with off-the-wall first sentences like:

  • The sadistic student teacher painted a portrait in the store three days ago to wake up the President.
  • The whacky waltz historian boiled a potato in the tent at dawn to pay the debt.
  • The somber scout leader struggled with the checkbook in a lonely bus stop in October to find the rare stamp.
  • The veteran candle maker served breakfast in the jewelry store yesterday for the architect.
  • The outrageous toy designer recited a poem in a neat closet on Thursday for the FBI.

What a load of nonsense, right? And yet, when you start looking at each of the sentences a bit more closely, perhaps an idea might spring to mind.

For example, why not write a story about a sadistic art student-teacher who killed the President? Or a man trying to pay a debt using only a potato? Or a candle-maker who has to become a servant to survive? Or a toy designer who creates a unique toy that the FBI can use to catch serial killers?

All of a sudden, these utterly ridiculous ideas become oddly out-of-the-box story lines and plots!

Do they all work? Absolutely not. But if you want help coming up with something fresh and new, sites like The Story Starter can be a good springboard to come up with unique ideas…