For today’s creative writing resources post, I’m bringing something that’s not just good for authors, but also for journalists, creative writers, bloggers, and just about EVERYONE else who engages in creative writing.

Poynter is a website aimed at journalists. It provides news articles, training courses, and even job resources to help journalists learn more about the industry overall. I have no idea how good the courses are, but they’re worth considering if you intend to be a journalist.


However, the Tips and Tricks section is where I want to direct your attention. It’s filled with gems aimed at better news articles:

But it’s also filled with resources to help novelists, authors, poets, and anyone else who engages in storytelling:

The hundreds of articles on the site are worth reading, and they can help to improve your writing in many ways. For those who want to polish up on the art of being an awesome author, these blog posts are definitely a good resource!