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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing:  Pinterest

Where do you come up with your ideas for creative writing? Do you get hit with amazing concepts out of the blue, or are the ideas triggered by something you see? In many cases (mine included), visual stimuli can help to spark a train of thought or spark of creativity that eventually turns into a short story, poem, novella, or full-on novel.

For visual stimuli, it doesn’t get better than Pinterest! Pinterest is filled with (literally) millions of photos that can give you new ideas for creative writing.

For example, hit up Pinterest and type in the VERY broad search term “fantasy“. Immediately, you’ll be taken to hundreds of Pinterest boards and Pins with all kinds of awesome ideas. From breathtaking landscapes to epic battle scenes to unique creatures to out-of-this-world locations, Pinterest has the artistic imaginings of thousands of artists from around the world.

Are you more of a science fiction writer? Type “science fiction” into the search menu, and you’ll get hundreds of Boards and Pins with everything from alien races to robotic creations to new worlds to sci-fi vehicles. There are even tips and tricks on how to write good sci-fi, and images from older sci-fi novels and movies to get you inspired.

No matter what your interest, you can find fascinating, visually stimulating pictures on Pinterest. Do a quick search for relevant topics, and you’ll come up with all sorts of awesome new concepts and ideas for your creative writing. Spend a few minutes randomly clicking and surfing, and you could end up going “down the rabbit hole” and coming out the other side with amazing, twisted new ideas. You don’t want to spend all of your writing time searching Pinterest (I’ve wasted my fair share of hours doing that), but it’s a good resource to help stir your imagination and spark something creative in your brain!



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  1. Vicki

    Thanks, Andy. Great idea.
    My Pinterest collection is called Loving Chromatics. This name is the only way I can make a color collection without it getting drowned in ads for paint.

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