If you want a place for all things sci-fi, fantasy, and creative writing, Mythic Scribes is a site to check out!

The Mythic Scribes blog has A LOT of awesome resources for creative writing. There are posts on story structure, grammar, the craft of writing, fantasy and sci-fi tropes, writing advice, body language, and more. If you’re a fantasy writer, the posts on Mythic Scribes are worth a read. Even if you’re not in the fantasy genre, the posts are awesome–a few even by famous authors.

But the real value (in my opinion) is to be found in the forums…


The forums cover just about every topic under the sun:

Fantasy writing — World building, character building, settings, description, resources, general writing questions, fiction-specific questions, and more.

Publication/promotion —  Marketing, promos, self-promotion (how to do it right), blogs, cover design tips and feedback, publishing tips, review requests, and more.

Community — About you, notice boards, writing groups (online and offline), NaNoWriMo groups and support, small talk, and more.

One of the things I found VERY awesome about Mythic Scribes was the chat feature. I was able to strike up conversations with random people, make new friends, and talk about both writing as a craft and fantasy as a genre. The people on the site range from teenagers to published authors, so there’s no end of diversity.

You can also post parts of your work, your blurb, or your cover on the site for people to give feedback on. It’s a very good way to get more interaction in a way Facebook groups often can’t.

If you want to interact with fellow lovers of fantasy and sci-fi, make new friends, and potentially reach new readers, Mythic Scribes is definitely a site you should bookmark and visit regularly.