On today’s Awesome Resources for Creative Writing post, I want to talk about a tool that can and will save your life: Google Drive.

As a writer, I have two HUGE fears (aside from the fear of my writing sucking):

Being injured–specifically my fingers/hands/arms–and being unable to type.

Losing my hard work as a result of computer malfunction or human error.

While there is very little I can do about the first fear, Google Drive makes it easy for me to ensure that my second fear never becomes a reality!

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution Google offers for free to everyone with a Google account. Google’s interconnectivity makes it easy to use with any Google product, though most people use it in tandem with their Gmail account.

Google Drive provides a “limited” amount of storage space, though at last check, that was 15 gigabytes. For writers, it’s MORE than enough to store every single Word document on our computers a dozen times over. To give you an idea, I have 10,000+ Word documents stored on the Drive, and it currently uses 310 MB.

This means that you have a quick and easy backup for all of your manuscripts–one that doesn’t involve an easily-damaged hard drive, CD, or flash drive. No matter where you are, you can access your stored files, using any device that has an internet connection. You can use the Google Drive website or mobile app, log in with your Google account, and access your files.

This is a MAJOR benefit for people like me who are worried about losing their hard work. It’s happened more than I’d like–a few times, MS Word has malfunctioned and deleted EVERYTHING I’ve written. I’ve lost hard drives and computers more than I’d like, and barely recovered important files. Thanks to Google Drive, I have my files accessible from anywhere.

To make sure I don’t lose my hard work, I back up my writing every two weeks. It’s a simple “drag and drop” process to upload the files, and Google Drive is as easy to organize as your computer hard drive. It’s a handy tool to ensure that I NEVER have to go back and re-write because of some silly computer malfunction or software error.

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