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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Google Calendar

“How is a calendar an important resource for creative writing?” you may ask. To quote the great G.R.R. Martin:

“Oh, my sweet summer child.”

Google Calendar is pretty much the same as any other calendar on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. However, what makes it my best friend is the fact that it sends notifications to my Gmail. I always have my Gmail window open, so I receive those emails instantly. It’s the best way to ensure I NEVER forget about anything again.

Here are just a few of the notifications I’ve set for the next month or so:

June 13th: Pit2Pub — This is a Twitter pitching event (find it here) similar to PitMad and PitDark. Basically, it’s a chance for me to showcase my work on Twitter to publishers and agents. Definitely an opportunity a writer like me wants to take advantage of!

June 14th: Write Email List about Book 2 release — Seeing as I’m setting up the release of the second book in The Last Bucelarii series, I need this reminder to send out the email to everyone who will be participating in the book launch. I definitely want to do it well in advance of the August launch date, hence the reminder to do it this week.

June 17th: Send out Email Newsletter — This is an important monthly task, one I usually forget to do. Thankfully, with the notification set on the 17th of every month, I can stop worrying about whether or not I did it.

June 22nd: Attend La Jolla Writers’ Conference? — This is a San Diego-based writer’s conference that takes place near the end of the year. I’ve marked this down so I can remember to research it and make the decision of whether or not to go.

June 29th: Pay for a BookBub promo for Blade of the Destroyer — I plan to run a freebie for Blade of the Destroyer on the weekend that I launch Book 2. If I run a promo with BookBub, it can seriously improve the visibility of Book 2. By doing the research/submission now, I can guarantee a BookBub spot!

July 1st: Back Up Writing — Every two weeks, I have this notification to remind me to upload my work to my Google Drive. My greatest fear is that my computer will crash and I will lose all the work I’ve done. Hence, this bi-weekly reminder.

See how handy it can be? All I have to do is add these reminders to the calendar and never worry about them again. I’ll get the notification in my email, and I will do them when the time comes. A VERY handy resource indeed!




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  1. Never under estimate the value of staying organized!

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