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Awesome Resources for Creative Writing: Fantasy Faction

If your creative writing tends toward the fantastical (sci-fi and any of the many fantasy sub-genres), Fantasy Faction is a website worth bookmarking! Between the book reviews, interviews with authors, and numerous articles posted there, it’s a resource worth its digital weight in gold (Bitcoin?).

I’ve read a lot of the articles on the Fantasy Faction Articles section, and there is A LOT of useful information to choose from. Here are just a few of the titles I found helpful:

All VERY useful articles when it comes to crafting awesome fantasy stories!


The Interview section is filled with interviews with some of the best-known names in fantasy, as well as lesser-known authors whose works are no less awesome. I’ve read a few of the interviews and, much like Stephen King’s On Writing, there was a lot of simple, useful tips that have helped me to write better.

For fantasy lovers, the News section is always worth checking out. For example, I just found out Terry Pratchett’s works were being made into a movie! How awesome is that? If you like reading about fantasy news, it’s worth checking out.

The Reviews section is a great place to find out which books are popular, as well as WHY. The book reviewers give detailed feedback on the things they found enjoyable, giving you an idea of how you can make your stories more appealing to “the masses”.

Of course, don’t forget the check out both the Writing section and the Forum for a wealth of information on all things creative writing, story-telling, plotting, planning, and more. You can find Book Clubs, promote your work, talk about self-publishing, learn about RPGs, check out awesome art, participate in competitions, and share in general discussions on all things fantasy. DEFINITELY a resource all fantasy writers (and even those not writing fantasy) will want to take full advantage of.



Duel to the Death: David


Duel to the Death: Thya


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